Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helping Moms and Kids- In Action

In this age of patriarchy-- that serves no one, am listening to the horrible misogyny and verbal attacks on Planned Parenthood and on women by the wacky pundits whose names I shall not mention ( why give them publicity?). Now, we all know Congress has gone insane. How can you be sane when you are spouting from a place of power over rather than empowering others?

Now I found this absolutely dear alternative to business as this two minute video
than get off the Internet and call Congress and then kindly but diplomatically give them hell!
Then start working on the campaign for 2012 to make sure this Country does not go further right
to the wing nuts.

How about supporting moms and kids? I am tired of hearing about saving the unborn when we can't take care of the born and we keep trashing Mama Earth! Something is quite wrong here.

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So .... we have a choice you sit by and do nothing or to make a difference. It does matter and you can contribute to stemming the nasty pollution of words out there.
Hmmmn..... visualize our grandmas washing out the mouths of Congress and those silly pundits with soap! And then nothing but bubbles come out every time they try to speak!

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