Friday, October 8, 2010

Mary No-Eyes & Mary Summer Rain

The wisdom that we need to hear is not on FOX News or CNN.
Mother Earth is calling to us- but do we hear?
I happened to be clearing thru my computer file clutter and found this amazing link to the
words of Mary No-Eyes ~ Purely by chance, renowned author Mary Summer Rain met No-Eyes, a blind Chippewa visionary gifted with prophecy.

According to the Audio Book Summary of the recordings:
Mary No-Eyes teaches Mary Summer Rain about the history of the Chippewa people& shares her wisdom and perspective on life and offering startling but compelling visions of the future, including some upheavals on the horizon. Listening intently to her teacher and new friend, Summer Rain learns about the unique relationship between the Earth Mother and the many creatures in her domain.

The Audio Phoenix Rising: No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come is available at:

And there is the book :

Spirit Song: The Introduction of No-Eyes [Paperback]Mary Summer Rain . Summer Rain, Mary: Phoenix Rising; 1987/1993, Hampton Roads Publg. Co., Norfolk, VA

The following is from those compilations where Mary No Eyes has said:

"Earth Mother in bad labor. She gonna give birth to something great. She already in first labor hours... She be in great pain now... It be great Phoenix that gonna rise up again just like all times ago. He already here... He been forming for years now. He all ready to break out of Earth Mother’s womb... She gonna give up great Phoenix soon..."
In her summary of The Phoenix Chronicles, Mary Summer Rain listed some signs of the times and the birth of the Phoenix:

Massive blue collar strikes, relocation of key factories overseas, computerization of factories, extended import & export embargoes & taxations, increased unemployment, widespread factory shutdowns, excessive taxation, small business failures, insolvency of many banks, stock market misdealings & decline, drastic construction decline, devaluation of real estate, increase in corporate crime, drop in level of manufactured goods, increase of corporate monopolies & takeovers, widespread layoffs, runaway credit purchases, cash as only accepted tender.

Several close meltdowns & leaks, seeping radioactive dump sites, two catastrophic meltdowns, radioactive pollution of land & rivers, several major accidents of nuclear missile trucks carriers and the transportation of nuclear waste, radioactive releases caused from geological instability.

People’s revolt and resistance movements, draft evasion, public's discovery of coverups, nuclear exchange. "Crouching/Massive Revolts & Government Turnaround, Taxation refusals, war resistance, policy disagreements within government body, major upheavals within governments.

And then Flying Free/Rise of the Age of Peace where there is Total equality among people, discontinuance of all meat ingestion, construction reforms, cessation of most severe natural disasters, pollution-free energy innovations by way of the Earth’s magnetic field, rise of the Indian nation through widespread adaptation of its Ways of natural living and deep human philosophy~

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JeanBlueSky said...

I read Mary Summer Rain's books in the early 1990's. I've kept a copy of the Phoenix rising predictions all these years. From time to time I would take them out and read them over. The predictions did not seem to be coming true at those times, exactly--a few of them, maybe, but not generally. But NOW: a good portion of them have already happened and a good portion of the others are happening as I speak. Are we listening? It might be worth paying attention. Thank you, Mary No Eyes.