Thursday, February 28, 2008

Environmental Justice? Social Justice? Green Business?

A six year study, the Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project, was just released. According to today's San Francisco Chronicle article summarizing the study Mercury- from Coal Fired plants, PCBs from industrial plants and banned insecticides dieldrin and DDT and 70 contaminants (including from agricultural operations/pesticides) were found in air, snow, lakes on plants and in fish at 20 national parks.

This is an important study relating to the conversations of economic development- economic development for whom?

Check out the roots- who are making the profits? With that said—if we have the same underlying economic system in place-- nothing will indeed ever change. There will still be land monopoly, labor exploitation, land speculation, developers and corporations and non-profit corporations operating under a “dead world” economics – be it in San Francisco, Hong Kong or Jakarta. And don't forget war over resources and land!

Our insistence on continuing with our economic paradigm and the Military Industrial Complex (as Marilyn Waring, ex-MP in the New Zealand Parliament first pointed out and as Helen Caldicott reminds us of) and business as usual is contaminating all of us and our planet.

To view the Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project report go to:
Read: How the Food Industry Is Killing Us by Christopher Cook
See: Restructuring the Global Economy: Eradicating Breton Woods and Creating New Institutions by Randy Hayes:

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