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PRESS RELEASE December 24th, Monday 2007


On December 25th Tuesday Grandma Santa Claus & Auntie Santa Claus will visit the Memorial Oak Grove adjacent to UC Berkeley Memorial Stadium at 12 noon.

Grandma Santa Claus and Auntie Santa Claus will be bringing a message from the North Pole to deliver to the Citizens of Berkeley and The University of California Regents.

Grandma Santa Claus and Auntie Santa Claus have journeyed here to especially applaud the Community and to present presents to the Tree Sitters.

"I know that many of you have been so nice and caring stand up and protect these trees and to do what you can to stop Global Warming. but some of you have been naughty and not nice",

said Grandma Claus. "Yes!" chimed in Auntie Claus...Santa Claus said that we should go to Berkeley and tell them that they are doing the right thing but that

University of California won't listen to any one not even me--and maybe they would listen to you Grandma Claus and Auntie Claus! The North Pole is melting and we

are becoming homeless! Building buildings and cutting down trees to do it is not OK with us."

"So here we are to take a stand with all those good people but homeland security won't let the reindeer in with us-- some type of silly terrorist law" commented Grandma Claus.

"Yes, and Rudolph and all the others are quite upset for what are we to do when we become homeless? And then there are the elves and Santa's workshop,

we don't contract out our work and we don't do sweat shops you know!” And then there are the polar bears, and penguins and many other of our

brothers and sisters around the world that are threatened! It's bad enough that all the California San Francisco Bay Area bears are gone ... we see they are only on T-Shirts and Notebook covers now –

and how sad that you have these people running around calling themselves the Cal bears!

Grandma and Auntie Claus insist that this is still the season of giving... and that means giving back to the earth that supports all of us.

Grandma Santa Claus and Auntie Santa Claus were informed that it was illegal to act in concert with the Tree Sitters. Grandma Santa Claus and Auntie Santa Claus were reported to exclaim: “We can be arrested for giving gifts on Christmas Day, are you serious? Does Santa know this??"

The public is invited to join Grandma Santa Claus and Auntie Santa Claus.

celebrating the spirit and colors of Christmas-

a holiday and a holy day that has many meanings for many people going back centuries.

Auntie Santa Claus added, “If you really want to stop Global Warming you can make it happen- if you want to save the Memorial Oak Grove-- there is nothing stopping you!".

Berkeley December 23, 2007--Today the Berkeley Grandmothers for the Oaks hosted a Winter Solstice Party at the Oak Grove.

For the last several weeks, the group has met outside the barbed wire fence to supply the tree sitters with food and water. This ongoing community action has been in response to the University Regents' policy of citing all those who try to supply food or aid to the tree sit. The solstice event was marked by a visit from Auntie Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus who thanked the tree sitters for being good and saving the oak grove from destruction by the university. The event, like most of the recent activities at the grove, was videotaped by the campus police and their security force. Berkeley grandmothers resorted to using a large canvas screen to block the view of the food lift and prevent anyone from being singled out by police. A citation comes with a $1000 fine and/or 5 days in jail.This was the second Winter Solstice observance at the Memorial Oak Grove since the beginning of the tree sit, 386 days ago.Berkeley's Internet NEWS (less)

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